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Target Market 1: Delivery services. 

Today’s hospital system will save time and cost by using drone technology as the future delivery service. Nesting hive aspect to drone technology will give the delivery service peace of mind knowing the drones are stored safely and recharged. This rooftop process will allow the delivery of needed equipment/supplies to local medical practice, hospice, nursing homes, or residence in a timely manner.

Target Market 2: Structure monitoring organization.

Railroad maintenance has started to invest in drone technology to monitor structural damages. An EVSPS drone hive automated handsfree system will allow each
drone to be safely stored and recharged, especially in rural and remote areas where the power source is limited.

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Target Market 3: Government

Saving tax dollars by eliminating the need for expensive construction by the use of beta testing a location for a good fit for a stationary fast-charging station.

Target Market 4: Emergency response team.

Emergency responders in a remote area will have the ability to replenish both land and aerial electric vehicles at the same time use external outlets for needed emergency